Invest in h-aero technology starting at 100 euros: "with proven concepts and reliable partners ..."
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Invest in h-aero technology from 100 euros: "with proven concepts and reliable partners ..."

Currently, you can invest in Hybrid Airplane technology via the renowned platform FunderNation. Swarm investors receive a share of the company's profits over the next few years and, at the end of the five-year term, a bonus interest rate based on the company's increase in value.

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Prämiert: Mobile Zukunfts-Technologie

Zu den Gewinnern zählte der h-aero bei der Preisverleihung am 7. Juli im Kongresshaus nicht - wir durften die frohe Botschaft per moderner Luftpost-Technologie an Oberbürgermeister Dr. Frank Mentrup "überfliegen".

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Frauen und Technik..?!

Die Soroptimisten stehen für 100 Jahre Frauenpower – nennen wir es nicht Gerechtigkeit, denn diese sollte selbstverständlich sein. Und: Baden-Württemberg setzt auf Frauen in MINT-Berufen, zahlreiche Studiengänge unterstützen diese Vision.

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Do you need expert knowledge? We give answers!

Csaba Singer is not only the founder and inventor of the h-aero flight systems, as an expert of the Solar Impulse Foundation he is regularly consulted in the critical review of innovative solutions to protect the environment.

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Un beau monument

France has a great cultural heritage: the country of cathedrals and castles counts 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 44,000 classified and listed architectural and garden monuments. This treasure needs to be preserved!

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