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Our technology

The flight concept of the h-aero family combines innovative findings in flight dynamics with extremely lightweight construction. There are no smaller LTA-UAV aircraft in the world than the h-aeros, with comparable agility of flight behaviour and comparable payload capacity for a wide variety of payloads. The result is an innovative aircraft with maximum versatility.

Flies around the clock, if you want.

In contrast to conventional flight concepts (multicopter, aircraft and mixed concepts), which generate their lift purely dynamically, h-aero® additionally uses the static lift provided by an elliptical helium balloon. This makes h-aero® as energy efficient as zeppelins and balloons, but with significantly increased agility. Thanks to the capability of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), an infrastructure in the form of a runway is not required. Thanks to the use of solar energy as a renewable energy source, the autonomous 24-hour non-stop flight is on the list of technical milestones.

The principle behind h-aero®

  • Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)
  • Cruising flight aligned like an aeroplane
  • High aerodynamic shape
  • High safety through parachute
  • Ultralight, pluggable carbon fibre structure
  • Film with high helium density

Dynamic, like a frisbee, enduring like a balloon.

Two wings with a fully symmetrical wing profile are attached to the side of the rotationally symmetrical lenticular envelope. This allows h-aero® to adopt both a rotationally symmetrical (helicopter) and a mirror-symmetrical (aeroplane) configuration. The special, extremely gas-tight envelope (approx. 5% helium loss after 5 weeks) is filled with helium and provides additional static lift. It also offers enough surface area for solar cells and is similarly aerodynamic to a Frisbee. In the short term, the UAV market is to be served with a payload of up to 10 kg. In the medium and long term, larger-scale versions should allow manned flight and autonomous altitude communication platforms.

Patent protected

All innovative features of the invention are patented (DE102006028885A1 and PCT EP2017/063221). A word and picture trademark for the company's first product line called "h-aero®" has also been protected.