h-aero en  zero one

The original: h-aero® one

3 kg payload, 5h flight time, onboard computer with Raspberry Pi operating system

The largest in the family carries a payload of about 3 kg with 8.3 m^3 helium. With a flight time of up to 400 minutes, h-aero® one sets new standards for drones in this performance class. It has been specially developed to meet the requirements of professional pilots. Despite a high payload of 3 kg, the take-off mass of h-aero® one is less than 250g - this ensures that both the payload and the surrounding objects and persons are safe in the event of a malfunction. We can adapt the entire system at the request of our customers.


> 2700g


300 x 160cm


8,7 m^3


Spektrum DX8 2,4GHz


LiPo 25


Subject to availability


> 400 minutes

Quick & easy to fly

Perfect for semi-professional use

h-aero® one is currently the largest model and was developed for professional use. It impresses with its excellent flight duration, unique flight safety, high portability and its unmistakable and completely new design. Developed as an ultra-light plug-in system, the entire h-aero® one can be compressed to a size of 220 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm and can therefore be conveniently transported in a small carrying bag.

  • Ready to fly in 30 minutes

  • Visual flight over long distances

  • Ultralight connector system

  • Excellent flight duration

  • Unique flight safety


  • the flight duration of the systems depends essentially on the consumption of the payload.

  • the mass of the battery is to be considered in the sense of "ballast", which is common in LTA systems,

    and are accordingly included in the payload capacity

h-aero en  zero one

Areas of application

Due to their unique technology and comprehensive certification, our aircraft are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. We are currently working on creating a portfolio with previous missions. Until then you can get an impression under the category "Fields of application". Do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you.