h-aero® with Fraunhofer Institute @"5G-Rescue Citizen" Ulm


On Monday, 24 July, Hybrid-Airplane Technologies CEO Csaba Singer, together with his team and the Fraunhofer Institute, carried out tests for the detection of people flows at the Nabada (traditional folk festival in Ulm on Schwörmontag with a water parade in the Danube).

For this purpose, the h-aero® was equipped with special AI cameras, and the collected data was then transmitted directly via the 5G network to the operations centre in Ulm.

The whole thing runs under the major project "5G-Rettungsbürger:in", which is led by the city of Ulm. The aim of the project is to investigate the possible applications of the 5G standard to protect and save lives along the rescue chain. This includes, for example, video transmission and machine translation during emergency calls, highly automated drone flights or sensor networks.