h-aero en  kite


We have developed the h-aero kite for tasks where the position of the payload at a height of 50m to 200m above ground level has to be kept long and stable. The air resistance is counteracted by a redundant pair of ropes and not by motors, as in free flight. The performance limits are at wind speeds of 30km/h including gusts. This considerably increases the weather-related usability of the h-aero flight systems. Ideal for observing flora and fauna, construction sites and major events.

Load capacity

500g to 3000g




2.2 m^3 to 8.3 m^3


Spektrum DX8 2.4 Ghz or Internet via App



Flight duration

varied choice

Quick & easy to fly

Perfect for professional use

Whether it's an Oktoberfest or a traffic roundabout, h-aero kite makes it possible to carry a variety of technical equipment for hours on end. Data can be collected for the operational scenarios that require aerial photography, but over a longer period of time and with increased safety requirements.

  • Ready to fly in 10 minutes

  • High altitudes up to 200m

  • Ultralight connector system

  • Hours of use

  • Unique stability

h-aero en  kite

Areas of application

Due to their unique technology and comprehensive certification, our aircraft are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. We are currently working on creating a portfolio with previous missions. Until then you can get an impression under the category "Fields of application". Do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you.