Paper published: Development of an aerial cybernetic IoT system based on LTA-UAFs for multifaceted applications


This paper presents the development and implementation of a cybernetic IoT system based on a fleet of LTA-UAVs with different payload capacities. The system integrates a variety of sensors. The use of a single-board computer with functional adaptations allowed the implementation of a full Linux distribution on the UAVs, enabling efficient data processing and analysis. The integration of multiple wireless data transfer interfaces ensures reliable and uninterrupted data transmission. The multichannel routing environment enables the delivery of data streams with varying quality over different interfaces in a timely and redundant manner. The system has been successfully tested in various proof-of-concept scenarios, including 3D modeling of monuments, traffic monitoring, and detection and labeling of moving objects from the air. Future applications of the system are planned in areas such as earth observation and smart cities. In conclusion, the developed IT system based on LTA-UAVs presents a promising solution for a wide range of applications. The systems capabilities, such as long-range operation, low noise emission, and high payload capacity, make it ideal for environmental inspection and wildlife search. The versatility and flexibility offer potentials for future developments.

Keywords: LTA, UAV, IoT, EO, Real-Time, Data, Connectivity, LTE, 5G, SatCom, Multi-Channel, Cybernetics

The paper can be read on the website of the DGLR (German Aerospace Society).