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Our vision

We want to establish the h-aero as the most innovative, environmentally friendly, airborne carrier medium for observation, research and communication applications.

Consistently sustainable.

Imagine being able to analyse any place on earth every day from the stratosphere or deeper with a reusable device powered by wind and solar energy. Imagine internet and communication possibilities around the world at much lower cost and space debris compared to today's satellites.

Putting old familiar flight systems in the shade.

Imagine commercially friendly UAVs performing those long missions that today have to be performed by manned aircraft carriers, such as helicopters or planes, such as analysing large areas for e.g. agriculture, resource exploration, forestry and many more. These are the challenges we have tackled.

Interested? Please ask us!

Could we awaken your interest? Together we can break new ground and make more sustainable flight concepts the status quo. We look forward to receiving your individual enquiry and will be happy to provide you with comprehensive and non-binding advice on all topics.