Autonomous 24h Non-Stop-Flight enabled!

Unlike the common flight concepts (multicopters, airplanes and mixed concepts), which involve purely dynamical uplift, our h-aero®  additionally makes use of the static uplift generated from an elliptic helium bubble. Therefor h-aero®  is as energy efficient as a Zeppelin or a balloon while remaining as agile as multicopters or airplanes. The VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) capability eliminates the need for a runway infrastructure. The flight system is able to achieve higher cruising speeds than helicopters. By using solar energy as a regenerative energy source, the autonomous 24h non-stop flight will already be accessible in 2018.

Dynamic like a frisbee.

On the opposing sides of the rotationally symmetric, lenticular hull two wings with fully symmetrical profiles are attached. The wings are built in a way that the frontal as well as the rear part of the wings can be folded around a specific angle. Using these wings, the hybrid aircraft is able to take on a rotationally symmetric (helicopter) as well as mirror symmetric (airplane) configuration. The hull is filled with helium and ensures an additional uplift. At the same time the hull provides enough surface area for solar cells and has a similar aerodynamic behavior as a Frisbee. A short-term goal is to supply the market for UAVs with a payload of up to 10 kg. In the medium to long-term we will realize larger-scaled versions for manned missions and autonomously flying airborne communications platforms.


All innovative features are protected by patents (DE102006028885A1 and PCT EP2017/063221). In 2017, the word and design marks of our product line were registered internationally under the name „h-aero“ to ensure legal protection.

A masterpiece of technology

  • vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)
  • aligned cruise flight like an airplane
  • high aerodynamic shape
  • safety, as the carrier comes down
  • while malfunction like an open parachute
  • sustainability given by natural lift, wind sailing effect and solar cells
  • high helium density foil
  • ultralight, separable, plug-in carbon fibre structure

A new concept of flying…

Our hybrid airplane h-aero with its patent-protected features combines the proven flight concepts of helicopters, aircrafts and balloons. It is a promising innovation within the history of modern flying enabling endless applications to promote safe and efficient missions related to exploring, observing and communicating on our planet and beyond.

Zero emissions

h-aero is easy to assemble. Additional modules for specific missions are appliable in a matter of minutes.

Low cost

Due to its “less parts build“, h-aero minimizes the overhaul costs substantially.

Solar powered

h-aero is powered only by solar cells, charging constantly two electric motors for missions of up to nine hours


h-aero is easy to assemble. Additional modules for specific missions are appliable in a matter of minutes.