Dr. Csaba Singer


Csaba Singer (39) is the CEO, CTO and majority shareholder of the Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH. He is an alumni of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy at the University of Stuttgart and graduated with a PhD from the Institute for Solar Research of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). He is specialized in ultra-lightweight construction, computer technology and renewable energies and demonstrates fundamental knowledge and experience in project and human resource management.

Christian Schultze

Managing Director and Shareholder

Christian Schultze (32) is management director and shareholder. He is responsible for the finance, sales and marketing activities at the Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH. After studying macroeconomics in Kiel, he achieved his diploma in Communication and Advertising at the Bavarian Academy for Marketing and Advertisement (BAW) in Nuremberg. Mr. Schultze is specialized in media design, marketing and has a strong grasp of the technical aspects.