We have developed h-aero® kite for tasks, which require a firmly held position over time of the payload in 50m to 200m above ground level hours long and stable. The drag is compensated by a redundant pair of ropes and not by motors, as in free flight. The performance limits are at wind speeds of 30km/h including gusts. This significantly increases the weather-related usability of the h-aero® flight systems. Ideal for observing flora and fauna, construction sites and major events. Inquire for more via

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h-aero® kite offers ambitious performance limits up to 30km/h wind including gusts. The lenticular aerostat is available for all three sizes. It convinces with its excellent flight duration, unique flight safety, good portability and its unique and completely new design. Developed as an ultra-lightweight plug-in system, the construction can be packed up to a size of 110 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm and can thus be easily transported in a small carrying bag. Thanks to its simple construction, the world innovation h-aero® kite can be put into operation within 10 minutes. Once set up, the aerostat is clearly visible with a minimum size of 250 cm x 250 cm x 60 cm and is therefore ideal as a flying advertising medium, a buoy for drone races or as a landmark in the event of a disaster. Depending on the model, the payload is 500g-3000g including batteries.

The external appearance can be individualized according to customer requirements. For example, the outer covers can be supplied in different colors and can be printed or glued with individual inscriptions. Equipped with a 4K camera including a 3-axis gimbal, an RPi 3B+ board computer and an operating time of up to 4 hours, h-aero® kite sets new standards for aerostats. A wide range of compatible sensors is available for a large number of individual tasks and wishes.


Payload: >500 g
Dimension: 220 x 80 cm
Volume: 2.2 qm
Controller: Spektrum DX8 2,4 Ghz
Battery:  LiPo 2S
Color: depends on availability


Brushless 3-AXE Gimbal

Available for Go Pro Hero 4/ 5/ 6/ 7

Operating Modes:  Pan Follow Mode (PF) and First Person View Mode (FPV)
Dimensions:  100 x 75 x 60 mm
Weight:  about 160g
Operating voltage:  3S-6S Lipo (11.1V-26V)
Outputs for receiver:  2 channels
Controllable functions:  Manual control of the tilt axis (Pitch) and Pan (Yaw) axis, switching the operating modes

Connex Mini Videotransmitter

For all Kameras with HDMI Ausgang (e.g.: Go Pro Hero 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)

Properties: Air Unit Ground Unit
Video interface: Micro-HDMI HDMI (Typ A)
Power connection: 4-pin DC Stecker
Power input 6 – 28 V (2S-6S) 6 – 28 V (2S-6S)
Power consumption: 12 V, 390 – 410 mAh 12 V, 330 – 390 mAh
Dimensions: 65,5 x 44,7x 14,9 mm 100,2 x 71,2 x 17,15 mm
Weight: 60 g 140 g

Multicast mode up to 4 receivers, without delay or loss of quality (requires extra ground stations)

Transmission range: up to 500 m  (outdoor)
Transmission delay:  <10ms
Frequency:  5.1 – 5.8 GHz
Channel Selection  Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS)
Video Formats:         1080p / 60, 1080p / 50, 1080i / 60, 1080i / 50, 1080p / 30, 1080p / 24, 720p / 60, 720p / 50, 525i / 60, 625i / 50

DJI Lightbridge Videotransmitter

Funktioniert nur zusammen mit DJI N3 Flightcontroller

Properties: Air Unit Ground Unit
Video interface: Micro-HDMI HDMI (Typ A), SDI, USB
Power input: 6 – 28 V (2S-6S) 7.4 V, 6000 mAh
Dimensions: 68mm x 48mm x 21mm 182mm x 167mm x 104mm
Weight: 70 g 810 g
Maximum Transmission Distance:

Up to 5 km

Up to 5 km Flightcontroller

Access via WLAN/3G/4G, Ready for autonomous Flight, different Cameras and Sensors available, provides WLAN Hot-Spots

Chipsatz:  ARM Cortex-A53 Quad
CPU Takt:  1200 MHz
RAM:  1024 MB
Speicher:  max. 64 GB
LAN:  10/100
WLAN:  b/g/n
Bluetooth®:  04. Jan

DJI Video System

for DJI X3/X5/XT/Z3 Cameras


DJI Lightbridge 2 Air and Ground Unit

Properties: Air Unit Ground Unit
Video interface: Micro-HDMI HDMI (Typ A), SDI, USB
Power input: 6 – 28 V (2S-6S) 7.4 V, 6000 mAh
Dimensions: 68mm x 48mm x 21mm 182mm x 167mm x 104mm
Weight: 70 g 810 g
Maximum Transmission Distance: Up to 5 km Up to 5 km
DJI N3 Flightcontroller
Recommended battery:  3S to 12S LiPo or DJI Smart Battery
Recommended Radio:  Lightbridge 2, S-BUS or D-BUS
DJI Products Supported:  DJI GO, iOSD, DATALINK PRO, Zenmuse series, Ronin series, X3, X5, X5R, Z15, Ronin-MX
Gimbal Bracket

for DJI X3/X5/XT/Z3 Cameras

Allows the Zenmuse X3/X5/XT/Z3 series cameras to be mounted for high quality and stable aerial photography


Vertikales Heck für stabileres Flugverhalten

h-aero Outdoor-Kit

Available for zero, zero+ & one

Available for h-aero zero, h-aero zero+, h-aero one

  • Vertical tail for more stable flight behavior
  • Ropes and ballast for kite mode
  • Hot wire emergency system


Available for zero+ & one

The skyscreen kit turns your h-aero into a flying screen. The lower hemisphere can be personalized with custom promotional videos or Messages.

High resolution:  WXGA(1280×800)
Light Output (max):  800 Lumens
Contrast Ratio:  100000:1
Display Colors:  16.7M
Signal Input:  HDMI, MHL, D-Sub
Audio Output:  Kopfhörer aus
USB Port:  2.0, 2 x Type A port, 1 x microUSB
Card reader: Micro SD
Batterie:  5 V, 12000 mAh, Batterie Laufzeit: 1 hours @ 500 Lumen
Physical Dimensionen: 153.5x 43 x 131.2mm (WxHxD)
Box Dimension: 295x80x255mm (WxHxD)
Net weight: 750g


The h-aero can be customized according to customer requirements. Showcase your company and your message individually and large-scale. Up to 16 square meters of advertising space can be designed to be fully flat on request.

102 – Black

001 – White

240 – Violet

317 – Royalblue

333 – Petrol

354 – darkblue

500 – Lime

633 – Red

744 – Orange

921 – Sunfloweryellow