h-aero is an innovative, patent-protected world first and combines the advantages of balloons, airplanes and helicopters in a single system. Through the combination of static and dynamic lift, h-aero achieves excellent flight times, unique safety features and simple operation with maximum agility. For the first time, h-aero can also be used for missions that were previously not possible with multicopters: Flying over the audience.


Safety report according to SORA

  • certifies unscrupulous flight over people
  • take-off mass of less than 250 grams irrespective of the payload applied
  • Redundant system with integrated parachute function
  • Good visibility even at great distances
  • Yielding structure protects objects and persons from damage even in the event of a collision

Aerial Imaging

Pictures convey emotions and information – h-aero is the first system to enable live recordings of audiences. This results in completely new perspectives and camera movements that were previously only possible with expensive camera cranes or rope cameras. Whether at major cultural events or major sporting events, h-aero brings images from the third dimension to TV sets and large screens, the Internet or the studio. h-aero is the only flight system that is certified to fly over people. This opens up completely new fields of application. Whether video recordings of sports events, attention-grabbing advertising flights at trade fairs or music festivals, or air surveillance of security-sensitive areas such as railway stations or stadiums, h-aero can be used in a variety of ways and always ensures a high level of fascination and sympathy.


  • Lange Flugzeiten
  • Kite-Modus
  • Geringer Heliumverlust
  • Fliegen ohne störende Nebengeräusche


  • “Taylormade Solutions”
  • Adaptation of different payloads
  • Different colour design of the outer shell
  • Adjustment of size, payload capacity, flight parameters