• flying noiseless

  • flying noiseless


Due to its unique safety features, h-aero can also fly directly over an audience. This saves a lot of time and money for the complex installation of e.g. complex rope cameras, cranes or even the use of helicopters. Due to the very quiet lift, almost silent flying is possible. The audience is not disturbed and sound recordings from the air can also be recorded.

Images transport emotions and information – with h-aero we capture these images directly from the air. Whether at cultural events, major sporting events or company events: we bring the images from the third dimension to where you want them: on TV sets and large screens, on the Internet or in the studio.

As a full-service provider, we also offer event organisers and TV stations the transmission of live videos for streaming on the Internet.

From sports events to large concerts to the recording and live transmission of a company general meeting. You can choose from a variety of recording options – from 4k to 360°-3D content.
Due to its appearance and novelty h-aero always fascinates and conjures a smile on the faces.

With the h-aero flight systems, aerial photography can be transmitted live and virtually latency-free: 

  • Professional HD video transmission
  • Real-time 1080p video transmission
  • mobile ground receiver unit
  • Remote control with integrated transmitter
  • Dual video stream support
  • mini HDMI output


Fly over audience

A safety report according to SORA certi es h-aero to be a  ight System unconsciously applicable for  ights over crowds. Therefor completely new applications rise up over Major events. The quiet and safe  ight behavior also ensures a high sympathy and acceptance Level by the audience. For the  rst time you can combine aerial photography with event and online marketing in real-time. Delight your audience from the third dimension.

Flying Hotspot

h-aero provides wireless internet hotspots and an integrated web server allows various digital marketing content to be made available to the public. This extends your reach while sustainably saving paper and chemicals for your expensive event marketing. Your sponsors will love this choice!


h-aero enables almost noiseless and highquality aerial photography – for the  rst time also directly over audience.

  • Lossless 4K RAW video in Hollywood quality
  • Recording at 4096 x 2160 or 1920×1080
  • 16MP photography
  • 12.8 Aperture Dynamic range
  • Full controllable 3-Axe-Gimbal
  • Customized camera systems – ask for more


Due to the built-in RGB LED technology h-aero can shine in a wide variety of colors. Upgrade your event and sponsors to be unforgettable. By request, many choreographies varying in Color and track can be  own to enchant your audience by dimmed lights and musical background.


Nothing stays more in your memory than moving images. Through an on-board LED projector video messages can be projected to the lower hemisphere of h-aero®. Thus, the systems can be considered as superior impressively staged aerial screens.

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Rotate. Float. Fly. EN


Imagine an economically friendly UAV that fulfil those long missions, which
today have to be done by manned aerial carriers, like helicopters or planes,
like the analysis of large areas e.g. for agriculture, resource exploration
surveys, forestry and many more.



Innovative. Emotional. Sensational.

h-aero® is an innovative novelty. For the  first time it’s possible to make aerial photography over the heads of the audience – complete save and without disturbing noises. Due to its high agility, h-aero® can also be easily controlled, even in small Areas.



Innovativ. Emotional. Sensationell.

h-aero® ist eine innovative Weltneuheit. Zum ersten Mal ist es möglich, Luftaufnahmen über den Köpfen der Zuschauer anzufertigen – komplett sicher und ohne störende Geräusche. Aufgrund seiner hohen Agilität kann h-aero® auch in kleinen Räumlichkeiten präzise gesteuert werden.